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 Do you know of any similar sites or sources that provide informative articles, illustrated booklets, personal experiences or Video samples ???

Modern Realistic Fighting  Lee Morrison  Articles from Tman's Combatives Page.   Kevin O'Hagan articles.    Shiro Bara Ju Jitsu Club articles

Striking First in a Street Fight by Sammy Franco   The Pre Emptive Strike

The Self Defense Federation. The 'Fighting Chance' Magazine articles.      This site offers a Discussion Forum, good graphics, well written articles and other reality based links.  Another Sammy Franco site is at:   Articles by Carl Cestari and the link to Gutterfighting on the New Jersey Close Combat Association site      This site, by Marc "Animal" MacYoung and Dianna Gordon, offers no graphics, but  has many excellent articles.   Information loaded and illustrated articles.  Geoff Thompson's 3 Second Fight Concept.   Information loaded articles.   Articles on Self Defence and Street Fighting.   Excellent articles and information loaded links.   Well written articles.   The beginners guide to self defence   Leading reality based site on the net.  This site contains many good quality articles from the leaders in reality based fighting. There are also links, video reviews and book reviews.   An Australian link with many good articles.  Another Austrailian site with articles on self defense and many informative links.  Info on walking out and (USA) legal weapon use. The site map has links to all Bob Orlando's on line Articles.  Self defense section from Anarchy in Action site.  Many good articles  The South African link.


Ancient Realistic Fighting  Medieval Unarmed Combat by Keith Myers   Ancient and modern fighting styles, including The 7 Rules of Wrestling, 1410AD.   Articles on Rapier, Sword and Close Combat   PDF files and books on Rapier, Sword, Quarter Staff and Wrestling.   The Dragon Preservation Society. Information on Traditional Martial Arts from Europe and Japan   The Science of Self Defence by Price 1867  An illustrated manual from 1410 in French.  Illustrated manuals from 1410 onwards, most are in French. Go to Traites d'escrime section.

Also try. The Company of Saint Michael  The fencing site and further links created by Ken Mondschein. Duels, Doctors and Death. From the archives section of Fencing on Line.


Police DefensiveTactics  Police Kung Fu  Living Through a Disturbance Call by Gerald G Garner  Good articles on practical hand to hand combat from the psychological perspective.   Knock out and controlling tactics for police and law enforcement officers.  The Art of Distraction   Instinctive Body Reactions.  Three 6 second videos on the Kansas City Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint  Strategos International site with Guns & Ammo and  SOF articles on Night Fighting and Conflict Resolution.

ALERT Issue No. 3 Use-Of-Force Tactics and Non-Lethal Weaponry   Many good articles on practical hand to hand combat. Go to the Police Training Index section and check out the Staff Articles.   Electronic Journal of Martial Arts and Sciences. This site includes The Journal of Non-Lethal Combatives, dedicated to the study of Military, Police and Non-Lethal combatives. You will also find FM21-150, the 1942 edition and Air Crews Self Defence Techniques, the 1963 edition.  The FBI Guide to  Concealable Weapons 2003. This is a 89 page  illustrated guide to knives.

Door Supervising

Martin Murphy   Subtle Traps : A Doorman's Double Edged Weapon

Demi Barbito   Objectify Your Opponent  (Overcoming Your Emotions)

Striking First in a Street Fight by Sammy Franco   The Pre Emptive Strike

Responding to Violent Incidents   Police and Security News Article  A fight in a Bar, preemptive and proactive skills that prevent assault.

(MCRP) 3-02B 1999  US Marine Corps Nonlethal  Techniques ( Control and Restraint Illustrated)  Links and articles on making concerts a safe environment.   Security Industry Authority, current pamphlets on Door Work.  A Crime Prevention Theory and why crimes occur fully explained   Guidance notes on crime reduction.   The Safer Clubbing Guide.  Downloadable material.  Clubs, Drugs and Doormen. A downloadable guide.  Some hints and tips on Verbal Judo  Some hints and tips on Verbal Judo  Some hints and tips on Verbal Judo  There are many Randy LaHaie articles that can be related to Door Work

The Psychology of Close Combat   The psychology and physiology of close combat are discussed in great detail. Go to the site map for links to these articles.  "The Psychological Effects of Martial Arts Training" by Kim Taylor. Part 2 is also available.  "The Psychology of Combat" by James Williams.  Understanding conflict.  "Natural Killers "by David Pierson.  How to justify killing.  Check out "The Myth of Man the Killer". Fear, from the Taekwondo Tutor.  Killing is not easy, from the Taekwondo Tutor. For the whole index go to  Notes toward a Social Psychology of Combat.  Darren Laur on "The Anatomy of Fear".

The on-line magazine called Police and Security News has some excellent down-loadable articles. The following links will take you to the best psychology articles related to Door Work and the handling of  violent incidents.  Thoughts and Reflections From Lt. Col. Dave Grossman by Loren W. Christansen  Fear Virus by Sid Heal.  The Silent Destroyer by Loren W. Christansen

Randy LaHaie   Stress Performance, The KYSS Principle 


Boxing and Self Defense  Basic boxing manual in pdf.  Boxing article from pugilism to modern boxing.  50 page manual on boxing from the Dept. of Physical Education, West Point.  Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey 1950.  Kim Taylor on Self Defence, 1998.   Self Defense text in German. Check out Hand To Hand Combat: The Modern Art of Self Defense, 1940.  The Stanford Students Self Defense Handbook in PDF. No illustrations, but sound advice.  Anthony Sell's Self-Defense Guide in 14 pages of PDF.  Some self defense articles. Shoto Martial Arts. Go to the Techniques section for illustrated Self Defense.  Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute (formerly known as The Rocky Mountain Survival Group articles and PDF files on scouting, patrolling, links, manuals and self defense)  Videos on self defense.


Knife Fighting Tactics Articles Page of James A Keating.  Defense against the dagger. Based on an ancient manual, Fiore dei Liberi.  US Marine Basic Knife Fighting  The Art of the Blade  Breaking Out:Knife Combat  SOE Info  Book Review on Bloody Iron and a treatise on the traditional/modern martial arts.


Palm Heel Articles  Not a palm heel article, but adaptable and too good to miss out.  Stick defense with a Palm Heel Strike.  Palm heel strike article by Kevin O'Hagan in PDF  The Palm Heel Strike by Michael Pace  The Reach in Palm Heel Techniques  Dave Turton discussing Palm Heel Striking   Kajukenbo illustrations on the use of the Palm Heel  Shaolin Kempo Association article on female self defense incorporating the Palm Heel.  Iron Palm in 100 Days.  The Home Alive Page. Illustrated striking techniques.  Illustrated Palm Heel Strike.  Kent Wing Chun illustrating Martial Law and The Palm Heel.  Renshu Kai Australia. illustrated hand techniques.  Uni of Missouri Prankration Team techniques.  Combat Centres Australia. Illustrated hand techniques.  Fumio Demura and the Palm Heel.  Palm Heel Defense.  WWII Close Combat includes the Palm Heel.


Judo and Jiu Jitsu Sources  Illustrated syllabus in the techniques section.   Information loaded articles on the Palm Heel, Pre-Emptive Striking, basic principles of Ju Jitsu throws, etc.. or e.mail    Dave Turton  8th Dan and The Self-Defence Federation.  Brazillian Jiu Jitsu techniques by Joe Moreira and Michael Jan.  Leg Locks Illustrated  The Illustrated Guide to Judo as well as many related articles.  Animated illustrations of Judo throws.

The Ten Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Moves Every Cop Should Know   Defend University Illustrated Article.

Groundfighting    Waregashi Ju Jitsu Kai

Articles    Self-Defence Federation "Fighting Chance" Magazine


Military, Naval and Militia Combatives  This guy has traveled the world gathering unique information on Combatives. So watch this space.  Tank Todd notes.  Amphibious Forces of WWII and Sampson US Naval Training Station, New York, by Russ Padden  Russ Padden files. Some notes that mention Yank Levy.

Combatives Files from the Sampson News, US Naval Training Station, New York, submitted by Russ Padden  WWII photos of US Ranger training in Scotland.  OSS/SOE links and information. Go to the search engine and use SOE OSS.  Check out the Peter Mason book.  Green beret Combat Course Report Disarming Drills against Entrenching Tool Attacks.   Handgun training and self defense lessons.   Small unit tactics   A Canadian link to Bill Underwood’s Defendo. Carl Cestari Video samples   The Defendo handbook by Bill Underwood. 

At the age of 80 Bill Underwood could scare the crap out of 20 year olds with his fighting skills. Ask Lou Ferrigno if you don't believe me. Bill Underwood was a WW1 veteran who went on to teach the WWII Allied Forces  at Camp X and other places, then later, the FBI and various Police Forces. Many thanks to Robbie Cressman  at Defendo and James Farthing for all of this info.  US Army, Personal Encounter Judo, location of reels. If anyone has a copy of this I would be interested, very, as with all things combative.

Field Manuals  The British Home Guard Training Manual 1949 - 1945  The Rhodesian Selous Scouts Manual and Site Man Tracking Source site  A PDF file on the history of the Auxillary Unit (WW11) and their Unarmed combat manual.  US Army Combatives FM3-25 150.  US Army Field Manuals Ranger Handbook US Army  Canadian Army Hand to Hand 1988 in PDF   Fairbairn - Get Tough in PDF  US Army Survival, Evasion and Recovery  manual in PDF.  Soldiers Handbook For Individual Operations and Survival in Cold-Weather Areas

James Farthing Submissions  This guy has traveled the world gathering unique information on Combatives. So watch this space.   WWII SOE links   Swedish site on WWII weapons, including a detailed look at the F/S knife.   WWII  SOE links  WWII SOE info,+Bert+++Yank+++)) Yank Levy  An article on WWII  HTH  Military Portal on Knives( Check out Edged Weapons),  WWII, Special Forces, etc.  Link to article on Silent Killing training for WWII.  American Combatives site  The articles page of Integrated Self-Defense Systems  Check out the Archives section. The download takes some time, be patient.  An article on wrestling vs jujitsu from 1905.  West Point Cadets Bayonet Training West Point Cadets Close Combat Training  Articles by Soke Holifield on HTH  Manuals in German, Swedish, Danish and English.  This is a 21 page French booklet dated 1917. It takes over 10 mins for the whole item to download, worth waiting for. Ju Jitsu orientated military combat.  Homicide as a recreation in Ireland

Try the following James Farthing Submissions for photographs by using key search words, such as, tough/bayonet/unarmed/wrestling/army/training/boxing/judo/jujitsu/unarmed combat/close combat/self defense/stick fighting/hand to hand combat/disarm etc.   This link will provide stills and video samples. Double click on Back to return to this page.  Double click on Back to return to this page.


Sticks and Batons  Russian Police Baton Tactics well illustrated and download fast.   Russian Police Baton Tactics   Go to the Training Page for the Monadnock baton. This site has the Pressure Points, Use of Force concepts and the Resistance - Response models. The following two sites are on the same subject.  US Army use of the Riot Baton, Introduction  US Army use of the Baton in Civil Disturbances   This is the web site of the Golden Phoenix school, run by Darrel Pennington, in Avon Colorado. There is a section called "How to use the Yawara Stick" by Professor FA Matsuyama, 1948. This is a 67 page illustrated book on the defensive use of the yawara stick for police officers.  The Kubotan Page     The Cane as a Weapon by AC Cunningham 1912.  This  25 page illustrated manual is in PDF.


Good Sources and Materials  Kung Fu Magazine. Try a key word search.   Go to the search section for the largest archive of illustrated articles on the net. Start off with Defanging the snake.  Ideas for a training dummy.   A collection of Paladin books and videos in European format/price  The Clausewitz Home page. Check out 'Clausewitz In The News'  The Stickgrappler articles.   Mixed Martial Arts links.  Basic guide to gun fighting with sections on balance and unarmed fighting.  Tournament Takedowns in Gayong Silat.  Go to the Content section first. A Good source.

Techniques or Principles - A Students Dilemma by Bob Orlando  Combatives explored on the site.  Breaking training from Taekwondo trainer.  Lies to Bleed For by Ted Truscott.   Information loaded links.   A well structured site with many articles on a wide range of martial arts.   Check out the articles on the Jeet Kune Do Strategies page.  Wing Chun articles by William Cheung.  The first 6 chapters of  The Text Book of Close Combat (in PDF) Videos on MMA, Vale Tudo, Shootfighting, etc.   Articles, illustrations and links.  The site for adventurers, travelers, mercenaries, fed-types, pseudo fed-types, survivalists, military, etc..   It's a joke.

Forums  The Martialist magazine by Phil Elmore. "The magazine for those who fight unfairly".  Roy Harris insights on street fighting.   The link to James Sass. Intelligent and informative articles on  many subjects. Forum and articles.  Forum and leads to articles.  A Friendly Forum.   Literate and coherent interaction with illustrated tactics.   Literate and coherent interaction as well as video clips.   This site has good links, forums and a search engine.  The major source and links from Joseph R Svinth at EJMAS.

Mad Dogs   Paladin Press paid $M's for a book called "The Hitman". Here it is for free. Go to the Archives section and then Books.    "The Hitman" again.  Anarchism in Action A study of Assassination The CIA and Assassinations  The Battle for Your Mind by Dick Sutphen   Links to other nefarious sites